About Metro Media Partners

Metro Media Partners is an Outdoor Media and Communication Company located in Fort Wayne, IN. We specialize in Bus Shelter and Street Furniture Media. Our company not only sells Media space, a core part of our business is improving and upgrading bus shelters or other street furniture to help make the community more attractive and appealing.

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MMP values its close relationship with cities, transportation companies, and ultimately the communities in which we help beautify. Contact us here or call Media Sales at (260) 445-3450.


Powerful Results

Give your brand’s marketing messages a powerful boost with attractive, functional out-of-home bus shelter media. Metro Media Partners offers you an extremely cost-effective way to:


  • Build high exposure frequency in an uncluttered environment
  • Target specific audiences and reach key areas where other out-of-home advertising can’t go
  • Extend the reach of your marketing campaign
  • Achieve low cost-per-thousand exposures and maximize your marketing budget
  • Build frequency by broadening your message beyond the home


Strategic Locations

Put your message exactly where you want it, whether it’s near a mall, popular coffee shop or hospital. Get creative with your message—think about how you can link it to a key location.


Bus Shelter Media with Metro Media Partners lets you target specific areas or demographics, too. Looking to reach consumers with active lifestyles? Make sure bus shelter advertising is included in your media mix.


Consider using out-of-home for directional support, too. Help people find your location by providing proximity messaging. With more than 100 locations, we can help you place your message precisely where it will serve you best.


Beautiful Communities

We consider our bus shelters part of the "Community Fabric". We work with cities and towns to enhance and beautify their communities through upgrades to street furniture (such as transit shelters) and their surroundings. Metro Media Partners is committed to making these facilities cleaner, brighter and more energy-efficient, and funding the improvements through advertising dollars.


That’s a win-win situation for everyone.


Want to learn more about how Metro Media Partners can extend your advertising message? Contact us here or call Media Sales at (260) 445-3450.